water treatment reverse osmosis

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Place of Origin: Shandong China (Mainland)Brand Name: JHYModel Number: JHY-WT-0.5
output capacity(m3/h): 0.5electro-consumption/ton(kwh/h): 7.0membrance type: RO
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Packaging Detail:wooden carton
Delivery Detail:within 20 days after receiving your payment

waste water treatment equipment
Advanced technology
Low energy consumption
Excellent technique
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Seawater reverse osmosis system

Penetration is a physical phenomenon, When two different kinds of saltwater with different salinity are separated by a semi-permeable membrane, you will find that the side of saltwater of low salinity permeates through the membrane to the high salinity side, and the salt contained does not penetrate, in this way both sides finally get equal in salinity, and this process is known as natural infiltration. And Reverse Osmosis is a method driven by pressure by means of semi-permeable membrane that separate the solute and solvent, which in English known as Reverse Osmosis, and is that we normally known as RO.

RO is a new membrane separation technology developed from 60's, that dated back to aerospace technology research in the United States in the 1960s , gradually converted to civilian use. Now RO has been widely used in scientific research, medicine, food, beverages, seawater desalination or other fields. In ultra-pure water for industrial use, such as electronic, electrical ultra-pure water, chemical, electroplating ultra-pure water, boiler feedwater and medical ultra-pure water, RO is often used as the primary treatment before de-ionization or electro-deionization (EDI). Compared to the traditional method using ion exchange resins as pretreatment, RO is more economic and energy-saving, and the operation is more stable and the water quality is more reliable, and can greatly extend the regeneration cycle of the ion exchange resin and the cleaning cycle of electrodeionization ( EDI) . 

product list :

1. water treatment for home

2. water treatment for 10-20 person

3. water treatment for a factory

4. water treatment project

also: we can add all of the department into one container. so that easy to install and transport.


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FOB Price:
Minimum Order Quantity:1 Set/Sets
Supply Ability:30 Set/Sets per Week
Payment Terms:L/C,T/T
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