ultraviolet absorption ozone analyzer

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Place of Origin: Hubei China (Mainland)Brand Name: THModel Number: 2003
ultraviolet absorption: ozone analyzer  
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1. easy operation
2. automatic range conversion function
3. temperature and pressure automatic compensation function

TH-2003 Ultraviolet Absorption Ozone Analyzer adopts single optical structure. The ultraviolet light with 254nm wavelength goes through absorbing pond to measure light intensity I which is absorbed by O3 and the light intensity IO which is not absorbed by O3. Then using the Lamber-Beer Law , we can calculate the corresponding O3 concentration. The instrument is equiped with temperature and pressure compensation.


Main features

1. easy operation

2. automatic range conversion function

3. temperature and pressure automatic compensation function

4. adopting Kalman filtering, making the response time and signal-to-noise ratio achieve the best optimization

5. simple structure, easy maintenance

6. diagnosing the internal working parameters of the instrument remotely

7. RS-232/RS-485 digital transmission method and simulation signal transmission


Operating principle

Ozone can absorb a certain wavelength (254nm) of ultraviolet light. The intensity of ultraviolet light is relevant to its concentration. The  monitoring method of sample gas: the low-pressure mercury lamp emits wavelength of 254nm ultraviolet light, which irradiates on the quartz glass tube, through which reference gas(zero gas eliminated O3 ) and sampler gas (including O3) go alternatively. The concentration of O3 can be calculated, when compared with the two light walls and adopting the Lambert-Beer.


Main technical parameters

1. measuring method---- ultraviolet absorption method

2. rate capacity---- 0-0.5ppm(extended)

3. noise---- 0.5ppb

4. rise time response(T90)----≤2min

5. decline responded time(T90)----≤2min

6. lowest detectable limit---- 1ppb

7. zero drift----±3ppb/24h

8. 80% span drift----±5ppb/24h

9. 20% span drift---- ±3ppb/24h

10. sample volume---- 500±50mL/min

11.output---- RS232/RS485 connector and analog output

12. control----microcomputer control, internal automatic diagnosis, self-adjustment to zero, showing operation parameters

13. working temperature----0°C~40°C

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