Tourmaline mineralization ball

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Place of Origin: Shandong China (Mainland)Brand Name: SUNSRegional Feature: China
Theme: environmental protection  
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Used for water purification can strengthen the drinking water activity or make air anion increase.

Electrical rob role

The electrical stone activation ball handling drinking water has the following features:

1, water molecules regiment decrescent, easy to penetrate cell membranes, and increased cell activity, increase the body's immunity.

2, eliminate water odor and residual chlorine, eliminating harmful substances, carcinogens.

3, water quality weak alkaline, helps the  human body acid-base and nutrition balance.

4, rich in the human body needs calcium, magnesium, natrium, potassium  and other trace elements and various  minerals.

5, conductivity high, REDOX potentials (OPR).it is low, promoting digestion, prevent anile, favorable  longevity.

6, in the sunlight, temperature, pressure, etc any conditions product efficacy each characteristic remain unchanged.Can be applied  to drinking water treatment and water treatment.

If long-term drinking this product filtration of potable water, not only can complement the human body essential zinc lithium, iodine, selenium, more than 20 trace elements, but also can adjust organisms microcirculation, improve human immunity have health care function.After China metrology academy of sciences and testing, in the wavelength 8-18um far-infrared rate reach 93% developed specially for new water factory, waterworks, water treatment plants developed new antibacterial, activation, suck fu, filtration purification products.This product to the traditional activity ball has improved, added far-infrared ceramic material, infrared ceramic material refers to the infrared bands have certain infrared emission  characteristics of ceramic materials, under normal temperature  has more than 90% emission rate, by the material preparation of infrared activation mineralization ball infrared emissivity tall, bibulous rate is big, can fully will this product contains zinc, lithium, iodine, selenium, over twenty kinds of essential trace elements, slow release in purifying water evenly, make activation water purification contain more beneficial minerals.

(1). Drinking water usage: put the ball into the water is rinsed clean, immerse can

(2). When bathing directly into the bathtub immersion, semipermanent, can be repeated use, in order to keep the ball to health, clear after use on dry place or sunlight to dry.

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