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Place of Origin: Guangdong China (Mainland)Brand Name: A-RModel Number: dvr-pcba 10293

controller electronic PCBA

Product parameters:  4,8,16 -channel Video Input;   4,8,16 -channel Audio Input
25 frames per second frame rate/channel     H.264 compression format   Disk usage 50-500M / hour     D1 preview resolution   D1 video resolution
 10-bit video sampling  Board power consumption <1W
1. The product automatically support a variety of mainstream display resolution, easy to access.
2. Users can preview any set number and screen layout, providing the screen switching cycle, set the single switch and multi-cycle loop switching.
3. maximum support and compression 24 video preview, preview resolution D1, CIF, Compressed Resolution D1, CIF.                                                                                                  4. personalized system information display window, easy for users to understand the system running.
 5. supports user management and automatic / manual locking feature, support for local users and the network user rights settings.
 6. Image quality clear: stream, frame rate, frame size can be adjusted freely in order to achieve the clearest picture quality.
 7. quick and easy -channel to toggle the video and the video memory settings.
 8. Users can customize the disk storage and liquidation strategy.
 9. Users can set the channel for a quick copy to other channels, without having to set 1 by 1.
 10. The system can perform a variety of complicated tasks (monitoring, recording, playback, control, backups, etc.).
 11. chip ASIC high-end pure hard-pressed, high-definition effect.
 12. Video files are in AVI format, and provides independent research and development of efficient decoding plug-in, very easy to play and backup, you can use the Media Player, Storm CD, Nero, KMP all major players such as random play.
  13. Support windows 2000/XP/VISTA operating system, supports a variety of widescreen high score display.
  14. supports dual-stream technology, best video, network adaptive bchannelband.

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FOB Price: US $ 1- 222 / Bag
Minimum Order Quantity:10 Bag/Bags
Payment Terms:L/C,T/T
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